GAMES Mobile Legends: Cyclops Abilities Leaked

News about the new Mobile Legends hero has circulated in the web and apparently, the Chinese sites have already uncovered the full abilities of the said upcoming hero, Cyclops. Note that everything shared below is the translated version of the leak. The English variant may contain a different text description. Here’s everything there is to know about Cyclops.

Mobile Legends : Cyclops’ Leaked Abilities

Yesterday, a YouTuber revealed the name Cyclops as the next upcoming hero in Mobile Legends. Today, the YouTuber managed to acquire leaked details regarding the hero’s abilities – which will all be translated down below:

First ability. Cyclops freely gathers the power of stars and cast two shockwaves of stardust dealing magic damage to the enemy.

Second ability. Cyclops uses the power of the stars to generate the Starlight Spears spinning around him. The spears will attack nearby enemies automatically.

Ultimate. Cyclops wields the power of stars to its fullest and creates a magic sphere filled with planetary power to track down enemies. Stunning and dealing damage to them. The longer the time it spends gathering the sphere, the greater the damage and duration of the stun effect.

New Caster Hero: Cyclops

Based on the abilities presented, Cyclops will be the next Mage hero in the game – providing burst and disables on the field. The hero’s first ability seems to work like Alucard’s ultimate and Ruby’s second ability. The second ability is quite interesting considering that the hero is a mage. Basically, Cyclops generates a shield that damages nearby enemies. This could be a great counter for gap closers such as Fanny.

Lastly, Cyclops’ ultimate makes the hero a great crowd control pick since its ultimate can basically stun all enemies within a specified AoE radius. More importantly, it appears that Cyclops is inclined more into burst rather than support mage type, which is fairly lacking in the current hero pool. Check back for more Mobile Legends news and updates!